“I manage Corporate Communications for CNA Insurance.  The group is very high-profile and covers everything from strategic communications to executive communications to employee communications.  Although Perry is an independent contractor, we consider him part of our team.  His videography work is outstanding.  We can trust him with our CEO and our customers.  He is a true professional who has helped us elevate video to one of our most important communication vehicles.”

Sarah Pang
Sr. V.P. Communications
Chicago, IL

“Perry has always delivered outstanding results for me.  We’ve often worked closely with CEO’s, and other CxO executives, and Perry’s calm demeanor and professionalism  ensure that the film and video shoots under pressure go smoothly, and stress-free.  Perry has a keen eye for putting a creative approach to work in otherwise routine or mundane circumstances.  That adds value and helps me do my job better.”

Mike Deering
Director Media, Public Relations
Blue Cross Blu Shield
Chicago, IL

“Perry has always done a great job on all shoots.  We have hired him at MLB to cover some of our most high profile events and he does not disappoint.”

Shannon Valin
Sr. Director of Operations
Major League Baseball Prod.
New York, NY

“Perry brings pride in his craft and a great depth of experience behind the lens.  Always the professional, you can be confident that he will treat your client as his own.  He offers suggestions that help the project and is always on the lookout for the best shot.  His gear is in great shape and his knowledge of it’s capabilities goes a long way into getting the maximum out of it.  I’ve worked with Perry since the mid 90’s and he is a great production partner that I can recommend without reservation.”

William Coons
Producer, Director
Creative Dynamics Studio
Chicago, IL

“When I direct shoots in Chicago Perry is my first call.  No matter what the job, I know Perry has got it covered.  I’ve known and worked with him for more than 12 years on various types of projects, from television to documentary to corporate and I couldn’t provide a higher recommendation.”

Leigh Devine
Director and Producer
Leigh Devine Productions
New York, NY

“Perry Hookham remains one of my favorite turnkey solutions for video production work.  With a single phone call I know that Perry has me covered.  Perry gets the corporate production environment, he interacts well with senior executives and responds with a can do attitude to last minute changes.”

John Haney
Operations Coordinator
Q Center
Chicago, IL

“Perry is an always reliable photog with a sharp eye!  We’ve worked together on Illinois shoots remotely and together with great success.  I know that when I hire Perry I will get the shot!”

Paula C. Simpson
Producer, Director, Writer
Americas Most Wanted
Washington DC

“Perry brings a high level of expertise, detail and perfection to his craft.  He has a good eye for capturing visual angles that maximize the impact of a shot even in the most challenging locations.  His work has a special stylized look no matter what the content is. Perry is a go-to video professional that I can count on to deliver the goods time and time again.”

Brian Boden
Producer, Writer
Chicago, IL

“Perry is one of the few videographers I trust to get the job done right the first time.  Very experienced, high quality work at a reasonable cost.  He is always on time and on budget.”

Christina Koliopoulos
Sr. Director Corporate Communications
Chicago, IL

“I had to call on Perry on a very short notice for a HGTV HD show.  Very professional, he quickly adapted to the format we were producing, and we relied on his services on other occasions, when his schedule permitted.”

Pierre Paquette
Production Mgr.
HGTV “Buy Me”
Montreal, Canada

“Perry is great to work with.  I hired Perry as a videographer for the All Star
 Game and for several other projects, he always does a great job.”

Andrea Longueira
Production Mgr.
Major League Baseball Productions
New York, NY

“I’ve worked with Perry for over 20 years and he is a valued resource.   Whether in a rail yard, an airliner or a conference room, he brings professionalism, creativity and a keen eye to every project.  He’s a pleasure to work with and an appreciated partner.”

Bob Tonge
Tongo Productions
Chicago, IL

“We have worked with Perry many times over the years.  We know we will get great video, he is very dependable, a nice guy and gets along with our clients well.”

Brad Fox
V.P. & Partner
Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions
Chicago, IL

“I have hired Perry numerous times over the last 20 years as a Cameraman and will continue hiring him whenever possible.  Perry is dependable, hard working and professional.   I have hired Perry to shoot independently and he always comes back with the footage as requested.  Perry is a pleasure to work with and gets along great with crew and more importantly clients.”

James Nocera Sr.
Producer, Director
Cam-One Productions
Chicago, IL

“I have had the privilege of working with Perry on many projects over the years.  His abilities and professionalism are beyond reproach.  He brings a creative flair to each project which is hard to find in other DP’s/Videographers.”

Trent Haynes
Sr. Producer/Director
Directions AV
Chicago, IL

“Perry is a competent DP/Cameraman and conducts himself in a professional manner.  I’ve worked with Perry on many shoots over the years, he knows what he’s doing…and on top of that, he’s cool to work with.”

Rene Larsen
SpeakEasy Prompters
Chicago, IL

“I have hired Perry as a Director of Photography on many occasions and found him to have a great work ethic, creative and knowledgeable and to be a pleasure to work with.”

David Wechsler
Sr. Producer
RDR Productions
Chicago, IL

“Perry is a skillful, experienced and amiable videographer who is a pleasure to work with. He is always happy to try another angle, or suggest an idea to improve the quality of the production. His technical expertise and follow through are excellent. I would recommend Perry to anyone working in the Chicago area."

Stacey Brooks
Sr. Marketing Communications Mgr.
Philips Healthcare
Boston, MA

“Capturing images with first class high quality professional video is what Perry Hookham is all about!!!  I’ve relied on his expertise over the span of 15 years, he brings his “A” game to the project each and every time.”

Lambros Galanes
Writer, Producer
Chicago, IL

I can always count on Perry; he has been my go-to videographer for over 5 years.  My clients enjoy working with Perry; the videos we produce reflect this comfortable and professional work environment…all in high definition.”

Andrew Yelenosky
Multi-Media Project Mgr.
Chicago, IL

“I’ve worked with Perry for several years and have never been disappointed, he is knowledgeable, efficient and always courteous and professional with my clients.  He’s also great on his own when budgets are tight.”

Patty McKenna
Executive Producer, Partner
Buzz Pictures
Chicago, IL

“Perry is a highly skilled Director of Photography, with an easy going personality and a willingness to do whatever the client asks.”

Amy Stewart
Production Mgr.
Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions
Chicago, IL

"Perry and I have worked together on a number of projects.   Perry is a joy to work with and he has a great visual sense tied together with superb camera skills.  He’s also a nice guy and that goes a long way toward making a shoot run painlessly.  I wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Perry on your next shoot.”

Chris Skrundz
Amazing Media

“Perry is professional, reliable and always goes above and beyond expectations.  He brings years of experience to every event, is always willing to provide his expertise and is a team player.”

Yvette Hope
Production Coordinator
Phialdelphia, PA

“Perry has been my shooter of choice for over 20 years.  He has a great eye and knows how to use his camera and lighting to make great pictures.  I trust him to always get the shot.”

Woody Mosgers
Communications and Events Unlimited
Chicago, IL