I’m Perry Hookham – a Cameraman and Director of Photography working in Chicago since 1990. Living in a busy market like Chicago has provided me the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients in a variety of situations. Most of my work is in high-end corporate, broadcast and sports with companies like United Airlines, Comedy Central and Major League Baseball Productions. My shoots are with both in and out-of-town independent Producers working on projects around the country. I really enjoy the challenges of location shooting and I’m equally as comfortable shooting in a business environment as I am on the flat bed of a moving train car. I consider myself well-versed at hand-held and have a natural feel for the flow and movement of action. Covering live events and lighting formal interviews are specialties and I have done so many times with prominent V.I.P.’s and local business people. I maintain several HD broadcast camera packages and can put together a crew of production professionals for you very quickly. I have a passion for my profession because it’s always evolving; you continue to learn, meet new people and are challenged with unique and different situations every day. I look forward to meeting you and working together soon.